Common Floor Sizes

Need a custom size? No sweat.


A great budget-friendly size for a smaller team. Most likely to fit in alternate rehearsal spaces.


A larger space for a bigger team and/or props. Often more friendly for smaller rehearsal spaces.


A Full Size WGI Floor. 

Most common for large scholastic & independent winterguards and winds teams.


Leave space for your front ensemble off the tarp. A common size for  percussion teams.

About our Floors

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One Weight, Less decisions

All of our floors are made of high quality 12oz vinyl. Colors are clear and crisp, and floors are assembled with care. 

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Work with our artists to design the perfect stage for your show, and get a Mini Version mailed to your door to be sure all those colors are perfect.

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Our team will walk you through the process of design, ordering, and delivery. Surprisingly affordable express shipping options are available.


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